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The Awakening

An immersive light and sound installation expressing layer upon layer of history fused with the rock. The ancient cavern lays dormant. The Awakening illuminates sculptures older than time and reawakens their hidden story.

To create ‘The Awakening’ at St Michael’s Cave was a tremendous feat,  it was paramount to be sympathetic to the natural surroundings of the cave and never detract from that, so we employed some of the world’s best audio and lighting specialists to ensure whatever was done would be a true reflection of the environment.

To arrive at the stage you will witness took more than 50 specialists in various fields – from sound scaping to 3D animation and everything in between. We have over 16 projectors, more than 120 lights, 60 speakers and kilometres of cable running through St Michaels Cave.

The project, over two years in the making, took four months of intensive labour to construct and program onsite at St Michael’s Cave.

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