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Walli & The Macaques


Some of Gibraltar’s most famous residents can be found outside St Michael’s Cave – The Barbary Macaques.

Legend has it that these wonderful animals made their way to Gibraltar via an underground tunnel, one that crossed the Strait of Gibraltar to their native home in Africa. The exit to this was said to be at St Michael’s Cave.

One myth even suggests that should the macaques ever disappear then the British will leave Gibraltar. So much so that during WWII when pack numbers had diminished Sir Winston Churchill took a personal interest and additional animals were imported from Morocco. The Macaques are fed and cared for by the Department of the Environment, but they will still look for a treat from curious tourists.

Be careful though as feeding them is illegal and comes with a hefty fine!


Walli is one of the cave packs key characters, he’s an extremely intelligent animalwho loves fresh fruit and nuts. He’s famous for opening car doors and searching for any snacks.

There is also Coco the pack leader, Billy - Walli’s brother and Chica, an extra curious female with a penchant for stealing food.

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